Areca Leaf Products

Areca Leaf Products

Areca Palm Leaf Plates in short called as Areca Plates or Palm Leaf Plates also as palm plates or leaf plates are the most eco-friendly disposable natural product obtained form the fallen leaves of Areca Nut Tree dried and processed in sophisticated and hygienic conditions to serve food and beverages. They are perfect for soup, Paella, Curries, Desserts and Ice-cream. There is a long history of people using these plates from thousands of years and are very durable, hand crafted from the naturally fallen leaf of the Areca Palm Tree.

Areca Leaf Plates

Areca Leaves are eco-friendly and easily disposable. These plates are the best alternative to plastic / polymer products and paper-based products. These are made from the shredded leaves of the Areca palm trees. The time taken by Palm Leaf plates to decompose anywhere from 6-8 weeks depending on the external conditions. In comparison, paper takes several months to a year to completely break down.

Areca Dinning Utensils

Areca Leaf Products are 100% natural and chemical free products. You can order them, for birthday parties, indoor and outdoor parties, boat parties and for picnics too. Even in star hotels, fast foods joints, coffee shops, restaurants and food chains available in the form of Plates, bowls and other tableware products to serve various kinds of food items as it provides a very a premium look to the entire arrangement. If you run any of this business, order our products right away!

Areca Dinnerware

You can now set your Dining table beautifully as Areca Dinnerware combines style with practicality. Make a style statement by giving a finishing touch to your dining room with our Areca Dinnerware. These products are light in weight and recyclable in case of dry use.

Areca Food Trays

Made from the organic material of Areca Leaf, apart from looking stylish, they are also sturdy, free of toxicants and leak resistant. These trays are compostable naturally. You can serve both, hot and cold food and are microwave safe and oven - safe.