Coconut Shell Charcoal


COCONUT – A tropical edible fruit of the coconut palm a tree of palm family – “Arecasceae”. Despite having the word “nut” in its name, a coconut is a fruit — not a nut. In fact, a coconut falls under a subcategory known as drupes, which are defined as fruits that have an inner flesh and seed surrounded by a “hard shell”.

COCONUT SHELL CHARCOAL Coconut Shell Charcoal also referred as Shell Charcoal is a product derived from burning the shell of fully matured coconut outer shell under a controlled environment with controlled supply of air to carbonise and not burn away to ash.


The process of carbonization is to convert coconut shells to char or charcoal. The charring process (the making of charcoal) is known as pyrolysis, which is the chemical decomposition of the shell by heating in the absence of oxygen First, reduce moisture in the shell. Second pyrolysis coconut shells in a kiln furnace to produce charcoal. The benefits and advantages of charcoal processed from pyrolysis method from coconut shell has more surface area and higher density of micro-pores, the activated carbon content from this method is of high quality with uniform chemical composition as mentioned below
o Dry Base Fixed Carbon (Fcad%): 88.68
o Ash Content on Dry Basis (Ad%): 0.18
o Dry Base Volatile Matter (Vd%): 6.95
o Sulphur Content on Dry Basis (St.d%): 0.09

Major Coconut shell charcoal uses:-

1. Bio Fuel
a. BBQ (BBQ Cooking Activity)
b. Shisha (Hookah Smoking Lifestyle)
c. Metallurgical (Metal & Mining Industry)
d. Power Generation (Steam Generation for Electricity Production)

2. Activated Carbon
a. Water Purification
b. Air Purification
c. Decolourization
d. Medical & Pharmaceutical applications
e. Industrial Chemicals
f. Catalyst
g. Gold Recovery

Activated carbon is extensively used for refining and bleaching of vegetable oils and chemical solutions, water purification, recovery of solvents and gold. It is also used in gas masks and a wide range of filters.

Shell Charcoal is an important product obtained from fully matured coconut shell. Shell charcoal is used widely as domestic and industrial fuel. Coconut shell has emerged as one of the best forms of activated carbon for water filtration needs. Compared to the other types of activated carbon, the coconut shell charcoal has more surface area and higher density of micro-pores. It has higher porosity than most of the popular activated carbons.

Charcoal from Coconut Shell- A Valuable Resource of Coconut Shell Products is of immense value. Shell Charcoal we produce are highly acclaimed by the customers for their top-notch quality and long shelf life. We have accurate composition for a long shelf life. Moreover, these are processed in our sophisticated facility are as per the specifications ensuring deliverance of flawless Shell Charcoal.

Shell charcoal is made by burning coconut shells in a limited supply of oxygen. We take utmost care to control the air supply while burning the shells also use clean, fully dried and mature shells in order to get high quality charcoal.